Video Interviews

Who does all this research?

It’s actually a fun bunch of people.

I plan to interview a good number of TEAM researchers, and will be happy to ask them questions suggested by you. So please contact me with suggestions! HERE

The first interview has been tentatively posted! I will fancify it soon, but this video is really worth a watch.

1) Interview of Dr. Richard Harris, who explains:

  • his current research on opioid receptors’ involvement in verum vs sham acupuncture
  • how he ventured into the field of acupuncture from a neuroscience background
  • how to get into the field of research in acupuncture
  • what is involved in the mechanism of acupuncture


  1. I thought this was super interesting, and a lot of food for thought. For medical practitioners of any kind, the balance between mechanistic understanding and the evidence of personal experience is dynamic and bettered by more perspectives and data. I like how this forum opens this conversation to include and spur development of both research and its implications on practice.

    • Thanks so much Becca! Yes I am planning to create a more exciting format for live idea exchange here…. will be workshopping that this fall! Until then, video interviews 🙂 and potentially inviting many people to a Google Hangout with a researcher/ professor for archiving here. As always I am open to any specific ideas you may suggest for potential interviewees and topics!

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