Research Projects

One of the inspirations for this website is a research project that I have been stringing along since my last year at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. I found that I have hit a wall with my current knowledge, but I am unwilling to spend any more money (debt) to obtain a doctorate with a research focus. So hey, in the spirit of a true Portlander, I am DIYing it. In the process I will be gathering my findings and resources in this webspace.

I am strongly motivated to help bring acupuncture to a broader audience- nearly 95% of Americans have not received acupuncture. I believe that research is key in moving our profession forward. Using high-quality studies, we can build stronger interdisciplinary alliances and expand on the unique perspectives that acupuncture research brings to the investigation of the human body. And we can ultimately bring a powerful form of preventive, low cost medicine to more people across the globe.

One of my interests is social justice and non-discrimination in health care. Towards that end, I decided to research transgender populations in the context of acupuncture. I am currently creating focus groups in Portland for a formal discussion of how best to frame the next phase of research, which will involve in-depth clinical interviews of FTM trans individuals in order to learn about the process and possible pattern differentiations involved in testosterone supplementation.

You can read my initial survey paper here:

A Survey of the Female-To-Male (FTM) Transitioning Population Receiving Testosterone Therapy

And you can see the survey and trans resources website here:


If you are interested in collaborating or participating as an acupuncturist who treats FTM male patients please contact me. Thank you!




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