Events in Portland

We now have an official Meetup group for the Portland, Oregon area!

The PDX Traditional East Asian Medicine Researchers group will be meeting the Second Friday of each month, starting January 2014, at a location TBD.

“We are a beer-hall style conversation group with the occasional guest speaker- for acupuncturists, East Asian herbalists, and practitioners of Traditional East Asian Medicine in general. A delight in critical thinking, an interest in investigation or background in research is necessary to enjoy this group fully! We will be suggesting specific articles or books to read prior to the meetup- not required however 🙂 Some topics of discussion: Looking at the history of research in our field of medicine; Identifying currents of investigation in modern day acupuncture and TEAM- how the field is evolving; Discussing methodological problems in TEAM Research; Learning how to engage in Traditional East Asian Medicine Research.”

If you’d like to join the first Meetup, please RSVP!

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